Destiny 2 Review



With 500+ million USD budget and being one of the most expensive game developed in the era, this game turned out to be shame as a sequel (or at least the open beta for now). Nothing in this game looks new, nothing about this game has changed, the only added element to this game is a story mode slightly tweaked, which would have been under consideration, if it was not fucking cheesy all the time. It constantly throws taunts and jokes at you which are barely funny to start with, its the same as tryhard DC trying to replicate Marvel Cinematic Universe. The gameplay is same full of dull repetitive horde sections, the bosses are unimaginative and inept, they are same old-same old bullet sponges, with massive health bars and shield bars that requires cartridges of ammunition to shred. The graphics aren’t really that tweaked, I bet your ass if I remove the HUD from Destiny 1 and 2, you wont be able to distinguish two games. The strike missions are same. The extensive hour long raids are the worst. I lost the patience and decided to give up in the middle of the match because I was just simply bored and wasn’t really interested in the loots, (since it wont be imported to pc version either way), the story is scattered everywhere, doesn’t make any sense, the beginning is just a massive clusterfuck, the goals are undefined, and it wont matter cause at the end of the day the stakes aren’t just there yet.
Look, its not like I want to throw my blind hate on this game, no, not really. I really tried to give this game a chance, I have had enough of my time with the first game, before jumping with this game, and now, I am disappointed, really really disappointed. It easily could’ve been an expansion, i don’t know why Bungie thought this would be a good idea to make it a standalone project. I wont cross my fingers on this one. Bungie, at this point, screw your entire destiny team. 


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