What Remains of Edith Finch Review

Storytelling medium goes a long way and I will be lying if I said narrative walkthroughs like Edith Finch wasn’t a good one. I always adored short narrative titles like Firewatch, Night in the woods, and even works like Life is Strange. So when I heard that this was one of the new addition to that genre, I was immediately on board. Although, I have to admit, I wasn’t well informed or hyped before playing the game since the trailer did not really make sense that much other than telling you ‘it was a narrative game.’ So it delayed things a bit. Nevertheless, I played it. And I shall tell you, this was one of the most immersive experience I’ve had for a while.

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What Remains of Edith Finch follows a journey of a 17 years pregnant girl named Edith who comes back to her childhood home to revisit the old memories she escaped without understanding. All the family members of her family mysteriously died and she was the last Finch alive. As she comes back, she now has to investigate what really happened with her family in the past and why things happened.

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This journey of Edith Finch has to be the one of the most visually aesthetic journey I’ve experienced. The narration uses variety of colors, themes, visual elements that ranges is from generic first person view to top down view or even at times uses pages of comic book to tell story. For each and every character history arc, you’ll get a new type of representation that is unique and feels fresh.

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Everytime you enter a certain family members room, you will start hearing echoes of their voice, their past, and it will give you that eerie feeling that is equally saddening when you remember you’re just hearing dead people in your head, who happened to be your family member.

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Throughout the game, you’ll be walking through corridors after corridors, secret rooms after secret rooms to experience the last moments of all the family members. With a dark plot like this, it easily could’ve taken a dark route, instead the bright colors and gorgeous presentations with Edith backing up what happened during their last moment’s ties everyone’s story to a pretty neat thread.

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The sound variety is significantly distinguishable, although I would argue that the segments when Edith is alone in the giant burrow, not surfing any of the memory boards, that is where the game shines most. That is where the game makes you feel most alone with no one at Ediths side. That is where the reality feels most alive, and that is what this narrative visual shines best. To top the experience up, you have Ediths voice acting, which is very subtle and does the best to enhance the walkthrough.

FinchGame 2017-05-24 02-02-10-41

What Remains of Edith Finch is a type of experience that I really enjoyed from the start to end. As soon as the game started, I knew I was on board for a great ride, I didn’t know it would be this good ride. For a 20$ price tag, this is a definitely worthy buy with at least two replayabilities. I just wished it would be few hours longer, with average length like Firewatch, but what we got here was no less of a living gem or at least, masterpiece visual narrative experience.



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