Disclaimer: This article is not entirely my content as I’ve copied bits and pieces from the “INTERNET”, but nevertheless, the bits and pieces are legit and they serve only one purpose, describe how stupid the plot of this series was.

At first I thought I should write a review on this show and describe how bad the show was, but then again, as I stood before my manuscript, I realized, this show doesn’t deserve a review rather, deserves a rant. So here we are, 13 reasons why you should not watch ’13 Reasons Why.’

Might include potential spoilers below. But then again, go ahead and read it. It’ll help you understand why you should not watch this show.

13 reasons why is a Netflix show about a girl named Hannah Baker committing suicide and blaming 13 persons for her suicide in cassette tapes (because how else do you become edgy indie hipster). The main protagonist of the show is her friend Jensen Clay and through his eyes, we experience the story. One random morning, two weeks after Hannah’s suicide, Clay receives the tapes and from that point, the story begins. Now from the surface, it had a crime drama vibe to it and even if we exclude that, it had a pretty good start that I must admit. But, as the show progressed, I witnessed the stupidity of Hannah Baker and the ways she herself could’ve prevented all those incidents and eventually her suicide. Considering she had a way to deal with the stuff that she was going through, instead of facing it, since she chose suicide as the best option, I call out ’13 Reasons Why’ an utter bullshit show not worth the watch, money and time. If you have watched this show, good for you, you’ll understand my following points without really much trouble. If you haven’t seen the show or read the book, don’t bother. Read few of the points below and decide yourself, and witness how ludicrous the reasons for her suicide were.

1. The center of the show, Miss Hannah Baker acted like suicide was her only option and put the blame of HER decision on everyone else, when in fact she’s not so perfect herself. Stick with the article, you’ll soon know why.

2. She lists incidents that didn’t even happen to her as reasons for killing herself, including her friends rape and one of his friends death. I understand guilty conscious, but when was the last time guilty conscious drove someone to slit her wrists?

3. At one point of the show, Hannah Baker was being stalked even in her bedroom. She realized that, but still did nothing about it. She could have called her parents and tell them to close the blind for her if she was scared. Most importantly she should have called the police to have them handle it rather than getting some random girl in her study hall to come to her house and flash a bright light at the stalker in an attempt to “catch” him.

4. She witnesses a rape first hand and never bothers to tell that victim about the rape. She never even called the police after that incident. She just let everything slide and instead tried to empathize alone. I get it, considering what happened few minutes before that event shook her badly, but come on, there were several chances afterwards, when she could’ve at least told that victim about the rape, but no, she decides not to. Why?

5. She puts the innocent protagonist Clay on the tapes for not staying with her after she told him to “get the fuck out”. I never knew ‘get the fuck out’ meant ‘stay.’

6. She goes to that Rapists party AFTER SHE SAW HIM RAPE ONE OF HER FRIEND!!! And what was her reasoning? The music? Like really?

7. This one is important, she get’s her tapes from her parent’s store. Her parent’s show an interest in the “project” she’s doing, a clear opening where she could have opened up to them, she acts like everything’s normal.
Look, if you’re in trouble and you’ve the opportunity to open up with parents or someone like parents, when they are clearly trying to be friendly, common sense should drive you to open up to them. She did not open up, you know why? For the sake of the story thats why. Clearly she did not have any conflicting relation with her parents, then why didn’t she open up? What drove her to be silent?

8. The counselor of her school WAS trying to help her, but she was making it extremely difficult for him. She kept wanting him to guess what had happened to her, and when he guessed wrong, she freaked out. The fact that she was recording their conversation for one of her tapes gave the impression that she wasn’t really seeing him to get help and instead trying to frame him as another reason for killing herself. When she leaves his office and then whispers into the microphone that he’s not coming after her, that was disturbing.

9. She never talks to her parents about anything that happened to her. the most OBVIOUS choice for support.

10. On her way to mail the tapes, she get’s stopped by the librarian poetry guy who says that the ENTIRE group misses her and they even wrote a POEM about missing her, and she still goes through with killing herself. I don’t buy it, someone who is so clear in the head, there is no way they can do stupid things like taking her life.

11. At the end of the show, in the flashbacks, she actually commits suicide. Her calm demeanor and self-righteous attitude throughout the tapes left me believing that her suicide was all a hoax, and she was playing a sick joke in order to teach everyone a lesson. But, she actually went through with it. *Claps*
My question to the audience and to the writers, a person who goes through all this planning, all this recording must have some sort of common sense to open up to someone, like talk directly about things that happened instead of flying gestures and hinting what happened instead of describing. There is no way a sane person who plans the future like Jigsaw from SaW did commit suicide like that. That is bad writing; not reality, simply just bad writing.

12. Hannah at best has a Jesus-Complex where she believes she’s dying for the sins of others. Hannah at worst is a serial killer where two people consider suicide and one attempts suicide over the guilt when they didn’t even do anything that serious.

13. The only mental illness Hannah had was attention-seeking and being a drama queen. She constantly wanted people to chase her and beg her to tell them what was wrong even when she would harshly push them away and even embarrass them.

Do not watch ’13 Reasons Why’. It is a well directed uselessly dragged Netflix show with inconsistent pacing, which tries to be controversial and at the same time tries to prevent school bullying and suicide, but fails miserably to prove the points; instead results with an utter mess of a show that does nothing but waste your 13 hours.

13 Reasons Why? More like 13 hours wasted…..


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  1. I completely agree with you. The way everyone is praising this stupid show is really effing annoying.

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  2. Moriana says:

    Fantastic articles. I have been literally begging my friends not to waste time on this utter crap show. Thanks for pointing out the flaws.

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