The Perfect Insider Review

2017-05-02 (19)

Everything Becomes F: The Perfect Insider is a type of show that makes you believe that you’re following the presented case of the show. But out of nowhere it flips the table 180 degree and throws you off the hook, leaving you stranded in a desert of mysteries without any coordinates. The sentence might have made no sense, but that’s what it was if I were to explain my experience with the show. The experience was new, it definitely was unique.


2017-05-02 (13)

A university teacher and a student goes on a tour to an island, and gets entangled with a murder case. Now they have to solve the case because of a number of potential reasons.


2017-05-01 (2)

Holy shit this anime was a mysterious ride! The anime starts slow but it picks up the pace pretty soon after just a single episode. The case is soon presented to the viewers and the show picks up its pace with it. My first insight was, it was one of the generic mystery shows. While it was, mostly, the fact that made this anime unique was, that, the entire show deals with just one murder case, and that’s it. You will join the characters; their journey of solving the case as well as finding out the actual truth behind the murder. The clues appear slowly with each episode and gives the viewers a new insight on the case. The show also utilizes flashbacks, but not without context. The flashbacks usually appear after a characters discovery, and that way, the revelation feels legit and meaningful.

A story with just one murder case, something needed to come out of it that would make the watch worthwhile. I tell you, it was. The twists you will get with this show, even though it deals with just one murder case, are extremely unpredictable and it will take you by surprise- mark my word. As I said in the beginning, you thought you knew what was happening, but nope! It takes a 180 degree turn, proves every estimations wrong and comes up with a solution that was both in front of your eyes and beyond prediction at the same time. And it happened time and time, not just once or twice, and I really liked this aspect of the show.


2017-05-01 (8)

What elevated the show to an entire new level, was its cast. Sure the number might reach upto 30 or something, but the cast that really mattered, are these 3: The university teacher, the genius student who can do math problems extremely fast and a genius programmer who was accused of killing her parents when she was 14.

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The story revolves around these 3 and a murder case that takes place soon after an episode. Thus the show invites you to a case, a game of chess where these 3 characters are the only pawns. The characters are unique their own, especially the genius programmer Dr Magata Shiki. And she all alone took the anime to a new level. Sure, the other characters were interesting nevertheless, but, the actions of Magata Shiki are so unique, and special that those; without a second thought made her one of my favorite characters or hell, let alone most favorite character of this show.


This show for a 2015 standard looks mediocre, but as a storytelling mediums, visuals of anime never bothered me; unless they are horrendously drawn that is (..cough..Aku No Hana.)  At times it looked glossy and had bright colors, but overall, the pallet was mostly pale and dark and grayish. It didn’t bother me though, because the story was so intriguing, the visuals barely made any difference.

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I’ll give them one credit though. There was a scene, when our two main leads were nothing but discussing the case in a balcony, and the scene was presented in such a way that you could see the sunrise, presented in the best manner possible with such art. I really liked that part, might as well give a bonus point just for that calm unique moment.


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This anime has the dopest opening of all time, and I am not exaggerating a bit! Seriously, what in the earth A1 Picture was thinking during making this opening! I just have one word for it, everything about it, is dope. Starting with the funky guitar notes, and god awful high pitched male vocal, funky drums and percussions and what not. The ending differed slightly though. Even though it was calm, sort of; it represented the ending of an episode well. To sum it up; the opening (which made no sense,) and the ending might have been slightly out of context, it was enjoyable for a show like this.

Regarding the ost’s; the show barely had any noticeable ost’s in the beginning (except the legendary Hyouka one.) But as the show progressed, and started picking up main story bits; the ost’s really kicked in. I started noticing the ost’s as the show progressed towards the end and was absolutely noticeable during the end episodes. Good job on that department.

Final Verdict

2017-05-02 (20)

The Perfect Insider is a perfect example of; how to do a mystery crime drama. It had questionable pacing around the middle, but nevertheless, the investigation, the character interection, their development and the development of their relationship with each other (in the last episode), the extremely unpredictable story (with mind blowing plot twists) made the show a beautiful piece of work, that I would recommend to anyone above fifteen. It’s a great piece of work with high rewatch value, that should not be missed at all. Trust me, if you like psychopaths, thriller fiction, crime-drama-investigation stuff, this is your show. Even if you’re not into these, give this genre a try with this show, you might start liking it sooner than you think.



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  1. I like a good mystery so I dug this show. Yeah, the opening theme is really funky even if it doesn’t fit the tone of the story.

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