The Final Problem Round Up

As much as I want to bash the last episode, I cant. It all wraps up pretty well. I knew a lot of metaphors that has been used throughout the series is bound to come true, and they did! When John said we got to be soldiers now, Sherlock actually had to become one, choosing to sacrifice himself over John and Mycroft. And the part where John stopped Mycroft midway to reveal that ex Hannibal Lecture was working for Eurus, he got to play the part as detective. It was really refreshing seeing how the two characters swapped their roles and played a part in the story.
The last episode was the wrap up. They wrapped up the story by showing what led Eurus to be what she is right now. It was Sherlock pushing her away, inevitably resulting her pushing his best friend to the well. Ever since then Sherlock lacked that one thing, a best friend. Even though he suppressed his memories, subconsciously, he wanted to be with one. And when he met Watson, he didnt know, but Watson filled up the gap, that best friend he was lacking.
And that leads my point to Watson. Watson was a soldier who according to Mary, never came back from the war. The war didnt terrify him, the war made him what he is right now. And once you get the taste of adventure, you can never return back to your previous state. There was no possible way for Watson to return to what he used to be. But he still lived, spent majority of his time in the baker street. Why? Because the every day he spent with Sherlock, he got the same taste of adventure that he got in the war. That’s what led our two main protagonist care for each other. Whatever Sherlock says about him being a high functioning sociopath, he is like this because he chose to be. Inside, he is a great man, willing to sacrifice himself for his friend or brother.
This is what made The Final Problem a great one for me. Because this episode was not about detective who shows his extra-ordinary detective skills, no. This episode was about a man of extra-ordinary intellect who goes through an emotional journey and becomes a better man than he was before. This episode was about a great friendship. And this episode was a nail in the coffin to the show, showing how powerful the bond of friendship can be.

BBC Sherlock is a crime detective-drama television series that can be purchased from here if you are interested.


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