Quantum Break Review


Is it just me, or fictions related to time travel are actually intriguing. Although, to be completely honest, even though this game deals with time travel and stuff, it didn’t intrigue me initially. The plot was pale and the gunplay at first felt generic. But then, slowly, this game evolved into something that I did not expect.

Todays review, from the makers of Alan Wake and Max Payne, a game by remedy studio’s and Microsoft games, “Quantum Break.”



Quantum Break is a third person action adventure shooter that takes place in Riverport 2016. The game begins with a science experiment going wrong and thus creating a fracture in space and time. The player takes the role of Jack Joyce, who is set on a quest to find a fix for the incoming Armageddon, and apply the fix before even the Armageddon actually hits.



The gameplay even though at first felt a bit stale, felt like another copy paste generic third person shooter, it soon claimed the legitimacy of being a remedy production when they introduced the time manipulating mechanics in the game. As the game progresses, the game unlocks different abilities for the players, starting from freezing time, slowing time, creating a shield around by stalling time and most of all, manipulating space and time at the same time. All this weird but new mechanics brings a new set of fun to the combat that I was not familiar with. And, when combined all this, the game converts into from being a generic stale game to being actually a fun one.

The gameplay is solid fun. The gunplay felt a bit clunky at first but my hands soon recovered that feeling as I progressed. The combat is what made the game genuinely interesting to be honest.



The story is kind of similar to the gameplay, that’s surprisingly odd. It begin with a cliché that is very old, considering it is a sci-fi game. An explosion going wrong, pretty dull premise. As I said, it did not interest me at first. But as the story progressed, it took turns, it brought twists and more importantly, it showed me stuffs that I wasn’t familiar with. And that was some new experience. As I followed with the story, it got more interesting by the minute, and when I reached the end moments, I was hooked up completely. The stakes of the story was high and I started caring for the characters, rooting for their win. At the end of the day, it all comes to this, even though the story started as a stale one, it slowly became better and had me sitting straight, wondering, what might happen next. The tension and struggles made the story pretty good.


Quantum Break is not only just a game, the game features a mini series in between each acts of the game. The game features 5 acts, and in between these 5 acts, you get a 4 episodes of Quantum Break live action series. The series wasn’t too shady, I felt I would’ve enjoyed it, if it did not lag like hell. Really, there is no other way to watch the series legally other than streaming in between the game arcs. And my internet was not that good to stream the series with such high resolutions. The buffering made the series painfully average for me. If it had choices of lowering the quality, or at least downloading the content since I already bought the game, maybe I would’ve enjoyed it. But for now, the buffering of the series was a whole range of letdown for me.

Visuals and Sounds


The Visuals of this game is what makes it stand individual on its own. The raw graphics of this game is not as good, even though it uses Direct X 12 engine, but, what makes the visuals unique, are the stutters. Look at all these frames! And these! Does it look like anything you’ve seen before? This was unique and this was a marverlous experience that made me coming back for the game every two hours. The time fractures, the stutters and the distortion of space and time made the game such fun visual experience that I wont ever forget how good it was. Quantum Break was a joy to the eye.


The game featured a lot of soundtracks, especially at the end of each acts. That felt refreshing every time I completed an act. The gunplay sound was vivid and realistic. The echoes made by the guns in the closed corridors felt genuine and original. Overall, the sound department knew there job and knew what they were doing.

Final Verdict


Quantum Break was a fantastic experience. Despite what other reviewers say online, I enjoyed every bit of this game. Starting from the fantastic new gameplay shooting mechanics, to the visuals, expensive cast and story with good twist and struggles, I would say, Quantum Break is a good time, no alcohol required :^)


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