The Witch Review

Hands down one of the disturbing and creepiest movies I’ve ever seen.
Welcome folks, today’s review, 2015’s goth horror; ‘The Witch’.


The Witch follows a story of a family that is banished from the church because of misinterpreting the new testament, so now the family has to move on and start a new life in a rural 17th century village. Creepy things soon starts to happen and thus the movie begins its course.


I must admit this movie surprised me. The horror movies these days likes to bait viewers to jumpscare fests. But not this one, rather, it doesn’t have any if I may add. What made this movie tons remarkable for me was the setting. This movie is as pale as it can get. The color pallets are dark and grey, initially it gives you the creep. And the movie doesn’t even waste time to show you what you’re gonna expect, as the first ten minutes of this movie features some gruesome and disturbing scenarios that you can’t get rid of that easily. Then the show starts its course of showing how things go astray one after another.


Its a ride full of tension buildup, and it builds up till the end. One thing that increases the immersion of this movie is the accent of the 17ths. Holy shit the actors nailing the accent, it performance was top notch.


As far the story goes, it doesn’t really go anywhere, but it takes you on a ride which was creepy, atmospheric, disturbing and scary. The movie dragged on too much in the middle but, it didnt matter as the ending was so unexpected and weird (tbh), it cost me a thousand brain cells.

If you are up for a folklore, that tells a creepy tale of a family, and if you think you can digest some horrid gruesome scenes that is disturbing and horrifying, this might be the movie for you. Its a horror movie, which doesn’t have any specific antagonist, rather, its a story of faiths, superstition, belief and misfortune.



Good movie, totally worth your time.


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