Top 20 Shocking Moments that still stays with me.

This article contains spoiler for the following fictions:

Dexter, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Lost Symbol, Breaking Bad, Hannibal, The Walking Dead, Forbidden, Me Before You, Death Note, Code Geass, and Dragon Ball Z.



Whether if it was joyous, engaging, thrilling or saddening, these are the top 20 moments which made history for me.

  1. Trinity Killer finding out Dexter’s real identity. -Dexter


If you have seen Dexter then, you would know how much exciting the series got when Trinity Killer realised who Dexter was and what was his real face, and the challenge he threw on Dexters face looking at his id card, ‘Hello Dexter Morgan!’ Gave me shivers, still does.

  1. Margery’s Death – Game of Thrones


Cersei blew her up! Not sure if she deserved it or not, but her dying like that, I mean JUST LIKE THAT! Wtf (One of the most intriguing wtf moment.)

  1. Cedric Degree’s Death – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


The moment when I knew, the world will not be the same ever again after this death. This was the first death of the series that made the story dark, goth and scary; and the execution of it is what brought this event to this list.

  1. Bobby’s Singers Death – Supernatural


The Supernatural boys took a lot of hits, but not like this one. Every season I expected one of them to end up messed up, but Bobby dying like this, was something I never expected. The last words of him scolding the boys as ‘Idjits’, that was something.

  1. Bay Harbor Butcher – Dexter


This list might contain a lot of Dexter so buckle up. In season 2, some random divers finds the burial site for Dexter’s victims, and the police immediately calls for a nationwide search for Dexter aka Bay Harbor Butcher. Little did they know, their forensic specialist was the real culprit. The event brought a new challenge to Dexter’s life and a whole new level of excitement to the series.

  1. The Black Room – Lost Symbol


After killing Katherines assistant Trish, Malakh goes after Katherine. The entire conflict takes place in a dark hallroom where nor the hunter neither the hunted can see each other. Intense 3 pages of conflict that left me speechless, something I will never forget.

  1. Selling Meth for the first time. – Breaking Bad


The moment Walter White realizes, it wasn’t the money that intrigued him, it was the addiction of making meth and earning as much possible. The trigger point of Walter Whites life.

  1. Abigail Hobbs. – Hannibal


After Remaining dead for an entire season, she comes out of nowhere and pushes Dr. Bloom out of the building through the window. To add more to the insult, the directors actually murders her character, one final act of Hannibal taking away what Will Graham held dear. Jesus!

  1. Rita’s Death. – Dexter


The one time, I got up from by chair and stood up shouting at Dexter, “Why the fuck did you let Trinity go!”

Actions have consequences, Rita’s death was the best example.

  1. The Angels, they are Falling! – Supernatural


When Dean convinces Sam that dying wont solve anything by saying, “We’ll fix this, just like we always do!” The emotional moment only to be overshadowed by a nerve intriguing moment where Cas screws up (again) and now all the angels are paying the price, as their wings gets torn and they fall from the heavens.

Now that, is what I call, the real ‘Heavens Fall’ (On your face Aldnoah Zero)

  1. Sophia Peletier’s death. – The Walking Dead


When the entire season was dedicated to finding her, little did the characters and the viewers knew, she was all along there, stuck in the warehouse, as a zombie. My heart broke at the end.

  1. L’s Death. – Death Note


Something I will never understand, but, you know what, that came out of nowhere, so there’s that.

  1. Will’s Death – Me Before You


Everyone knew this was going to happen, but the way Louise turned the tables, I felt like, yeah, maybe he will change his mind. That was bound to happen, yeah?

Well, NO! He still goes with the assisted suicide leaving my mouths wide open with utter disbelief.

  1. Dumbledore’s Death. – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.


The astronomy tower, the betrayal, the twists, mostly the astronomy tower, I don’t know what made it memorable, but it was memorable and I wont forget what Harry went through that day. God, that was emotional. I cried, not gonna lie.

  1. Lelouch’s Death. – Code Geass


The ending that I never saw coming and the ending that still breaks me to the core.

  1. Hank’s Death – Breaking Bad.


The moment when I saw Gomez lying dead and Hank running out of bullet, I knew it was over, there was no way out. And only in that moment, the show started to shed some light by making Walter do a deal, Hanks life for all the money he earned.

Of course that never happened, and they shot Hank on the head. That was unexpected! Hank was not just like a family to the show, rather that to the viewers also. That felt bad, man.

  1. Hannibal and Wills Death. – Hannibal


Will Graham knew he was not going to go home after the Red Dragon event, there was no turning back. Hannibal changed him from the core, if he made it out, he knew he would end up like Hannibal, or worse. Plus he had to get rid of Hannibal.

Now that’s what I call, real ‘Lovers Suicide’.

3. Trunks revelation – Dragon Ball Z


It took ages for Goku to get rid of Frieza, and he even had to destroy entire planet Namek for that. But none of his efforts really mattered as he barely killed Frieza and Frieza returned to earth with augmentation. For me, it was over, I was like, the world is going down.

But out of nowhere, this young individual comes and turns who straight up turns into a super sayan, destroying the dignity of sayan prince (vegeta). To add to the insult, he annihilates Frieza with his sword. The excitement and confusion I felt that day, still gives me chills. One of the moments that I wont ever forget.

  1. The Red Wedding. – Game of Thrones


The rains of Castamere playing at the background, the steward locking the door from the behind, and the party was over, almost…..

And then Walder Frey did the most inhuman thing one could ever do, wipe out the Stark heads from the pages of history. Oh my lord, murdering guests at wedding, might be one of the dirtiest way of getting rid out of someone and Game of Thrones had balls to show that on screen. The emotions, the tragedy, the shocks that I got watching that episode; it’s gonna haunt me till I die. I’m pretty sure about that.

  1. Lochan’s Death. – Forbidden



Lochan sacrificing himself to save his younger siblings, Maya, Tiffin, Willa and lastly, Kit. After everything this guy goes through, and the bond he makes with Maya, only to get gutted by their own brother Kit, who destroys them and tears the family apart, that was hard to digest.

But at the end of the day, for the safety of their young siblings, he gives away his life, being one of the best protective elder brothers featured in any fiction. This was saddening to the core and this had to be the most shocking event I ever witnessed in any fiction, leaving me speechless and broken for two entire weeks. And, it still haunts me, breaks my heart everytime. Something I cant ever get rid of. With honest efforts this one earns the honor of being the best shocking & tragic moment I have ever witnessed.

Thank you for all your patience.


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