A Review of ‘Hurt’ by Tabitha Suzuma


Matheo Walsh at his 17 is one of the best diving champions from Britain and is willing to participate in the Olympics for the gold medal. One night, on his way back, he is faced with a horror that he cannot remember. But as he finally does, the world around him slowly starts to fall apart and he is faced with the decision if he is willing to face that nights truth, and loose the love of his life his girlfriend Lola.


This is me reading a second work of Tabitha and at this point, I have no doubt she is a god tier writer. She is one capable writer that makes the characters grow on you so much! When she takes them away; when the time she does, you feel like you just not lost someone from a fiction, rather, someone from real life. That is one specialty of this writer that never gets old, that is where her charms lies, specially in this book.


The story if looked upon with a superficial view isn’t anything unique in the industry, although its a very good one truth be told. What makes it unique though, is the execution, which is done perfectly in this book. The story is about a teenage that forgets a traumatic experience, and slowly comes to learn of it. The experience is so traumatic that he cannot share it with anyone, but his girlfriend Lola (who imo has to be the most caring person I’ve ever seen in any fiction.) He shares most of it but, keeps the core information to himself, as the complete truth might destroy their relationship forever.


And that is how the premise of Hurt is set, and that is how the story progresses. Slowly and slowly the book drags you deep in to Matheo’s life and you get to experience every single struggle this teen 17 years boy goes through. You get to feel it firsthand and thus the bond that is created between the readers and the characters, is just mesmerizing.


If you’ve read any of Tabitha’s previous work, you would know how brutal her endings can be. In this case, this book is no different. The book features a heartbreaking ending that is bound to keep you devastated for a week or so. This is what I call a good writing, able to stay with you even after its ending.


If I have to be really judgmental about it, the only negative thing that comes out of this book has to be unnecessary dragging. Trust me this book drags a lot. When compared to her previous fiction ‘Forbidden,’ which was a roller coaster ride from the start, this book slows off immensely at times. To be honest I shouldn’t compare this one with ‘Forbidden’ as that one still was tons better than this one; but then again, it didn’t matter, as at the end, it managed to deliver a devastating tear jerking ending which came out of nowhere on face.

With all that in mind, considering the fantastic writing, three dimensional characters, realistic premise, good story and heartbreaking ending, ‘Hurt’ by Tabitha Suzuma earns itself a



With a recommendation to buy it’s hard copy. Its a great book that praises what literature is still capable of. Every bit of time the readers invests on it is highly worth i would call it.

If you want a similar type of fiction which features trauma, talent, romance and has a heartbreaking ending, the best possible fiction I can find is the anime called ‘Your lie in April.’ Its similar in most ways. Give it a try, it is a great anime.


And if you want more of Tabitha Suzuma please check out this book, ‘Forbidden’, regardless of its title, its a fantastic piece of work with similar emotional rides (even better I would call it.)


Thank you all for your patience, I will see you guys on my next review.


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