Westworld Review



“These violent delights have violent ends.”

The nature of most of intelligent being is to search for the truth behind their existence, maybe that is what defines intelligence. Not knowing if it will lead to their demise, or fortune, intelligent beings will always look up and search for their actuality. Just look at us for example, what not we do to discover something in the skies, something that might explain how we came in to being. That said, this show of ours isn’t anything different. The characters in this show travels great distance to find the truth behind their coming, and this journey that is featured has to be one of the best rides I’ve ever witnessed in any fiction.

Ladies and Gents, welcome to Sulfur Reviews, and today, we take a look in to the phenomenal show of HBO Originals 2016; Westworld.


This TV Show is based on the novel ‘Westworld  by Michael Crichton’ which explores a vast park called Westworld. The park is heavily based on the culture of Texas and most of pre-world-war American west.


The story follows the journey of a farmer girl Dolores Abernathy, a journey to discover her inner self, and the truth about her world, a master-plan  revolving her world, that is yet to be revealed. The show alongside portrays a large number of cast. Being a HBO show, there is no doubt that there will be a large cast. And it is always a good thing. As the show tries to follow her quest, slowly and gradually, secrets, myths, lore’s of this world are revealed to the audience, and that is how the show begins its story. Westworld then evolves in to something; something more than a simple world that meets the eye.


All that was needed for me was the first episode. As soon as I was done with it, I knew it had great potential. And I wasn’t wrong. The show shows the audience what it wants to show, how much it wants to show. It doesn’t reveal the secrets and myths, but it doesn’t keep the audience at dark either. The pacing between mystery, and drama was perfect. The show keeps you on edge, keeps you guessing what is happening and what is not, and when finally, one of them comes to life, the wait feels rewarding. This is a type of show that knows what it is doing, and that is one of the merits that puts this show high above many others. I never read the book, but I’m glad that I didn’t, because, whatever the source material provided, I can guarantee on face that, the story couldn’t have been told in a better way than this.


The characters of this show elevates this show. The cast was large, I wont discuss them individually in this thread, but, I can confirm this with great confidence that, most of them had the best development, the best that they can get. By time you’re done with this show, you’ll know the past present of all the important cast, and you’ll understand their role in the story. That said, the story is not that easy to get into. So let me talk about it.


The story of Westworld is pretty complex, won’t deny it. The timeline diverges greatly, the pacing slows at times, but sometimes it’s faster than expected; the story is as complex as fictions like Ergo Proxy or Fringe. You won’t understand much of it at the end of a certain episode, rather, you have to stick with it and end the entire show to understand what exactly was happening. And that, is what amazes me. The story transverse between different worlds and different timeline, so if you’ve never seen a show that features multiple worlds and multiple timelines concluding into one single thread, this might be the first show you want to try.


The cinematography of this show is not as that great as HBO’s other production Game of Thrones, but I wont deny, that the show looks amazing. Besides, this show was one of the unique shows that potrays the west with all its ups and downs. You won’t get a better look at West American culture anywhere if you don’t explore this TV series. The gunslingers comes with their best in this show, and this is where the charm of Westworld lies.


In an honest opinion, I couldn’t find any flaws with this show, but then again, I must admit that I hated its pacing. It became dull and mostly, was dragging halfway through. But it didn’t matter, by the time you are done with one episode, you’ll want to watch the next and next, and when you’re finally done with the show, you wont even remember the dragging as the story throws a wonderful ending.


Speaking of the ending, at first glance, it did not make sense to me. But all the great shows I’ve witnessed didn’t make sense that much either. One more rewatch and the story was crystal clear for me; and without doubt, now I can say that, Westworld season 1 had a mesmerizing ending. One that clearly takes time to understand, but finally when one does, it is as rewarding as it can get.


That brings me to the final verdict of this show. Considering its fantastic cast, spectacular world, conspiracies and mysteries surrounding the world, puzzles, revelations, acting, cgi’s and the ending, Westworld earns itself a



With a recommendation to buy it on blu ray disk. The show looks great, the acting is great, the story is great, everything about this show is great and with an unbiased opinion I am suggesting the blu ray copy of this show. If the cost is high, certainty stream this show on Netflix and support the show. Stick to it, give it time, it’s worth the time, it’s worth the ride. With that said I conclude my review today. Thank you for all your patience.


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