Yami Shibai Season 1 Review


So what do you call this type of Art? Erm theater art? Slide show art? Anime? Regardless of how this art is, I gotta be honest, it matched the theme of this show perfectly. And it genuinely made the show scary.


Welcome folks, today review: 2013’s “Yami Shibai” or, in English, ‘Theater of Darkness’.

Dont remove the talisman!


Theater of Darkness is a anime that consists of 13 short stories. These short stories are based on Japanese local folklore. Every episode starts with this creepy yellow masked man inviting childrens on the park to watch some horror clips, and the audience is instantly pulled inside the story itself.

Dont stop smiling!


Yami Shibai is artistic, even though there is no lip syncing, the characters dont even move sometimes while talking, it doesnt feel out of place. Rather, it feels like something new to the eye, which is good. Every episode is 4-5 minutes long and always ends with a cliffhanger, but, its acceptable, cause at the end of the day, they are all horror stories.

Dont look back!


The quality of story varies, some stories are genuinly good, some stories are rather so so. But, I will be honest, all the stories are unique and fresh. None of the story has elements that has been presented in other shows before. Best part of all, even though some stories might feel lackluster at times, they sure will creep you out trust me.

Dont open the door!


The show has no opening but, it has a fantastic ED, by none other than Hatsune Miku! Its creepy, it fits the show perfectly and its actually good, go listen to it now.

Dont get out of the lift!

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There is nothing more to Yami Shibai to be honest, it is a small show that features Japanese folk horror stories. I cannot rate this anime as this is not like other anime’s with which I can compare. I will conclude the review with one important note though, instead of giving final verdict, I will let all of you know the answer of this simple question. Consider the answer the final verdict, so the question is,

Did it scare me?



Yami Shibai is worth your time, and the best time to watch it is at night. I watched this between my regular anime’s and it so was worth the time.

I’ll see you all on my next review 🙂



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