Top 20 Anime Characters (Female)

I was so devastated by reading this book Forbidden that I had to find a distraction, and this is it. I rarely make top lists as my blog states its strictly for reviews, but, I dont think it wont hurt much to do one or two. Welcome folks to my top 20 female anime character list. Before proceeding to the list, I must tell you, this list is mostly based on my personal liking rather than, judging on, what the characters did to contribute in the story. But I did consider their effort in to the story. So if you find a character that you do no think should not be here, consider these above. Without further ado lets get on to the list!

20. Ai Enma

Anime: Hell Girl


To be completely honest Ai doesnt feel like a protagonist rather she does pretty well if you consider her as antagonist, specially in the first season where the two other main leads are on a trip to stop her murder mayhem. Regardless, without Ai, ‘Hell Girl’ is nothing and she is what makes Hell Girl a unique show which has its unique charm, hence one of my favorite.

19. Asada Shino

Anime: Sword Art Online Season 2


No other female character stands this strong as Sinon does in the Sword Art Online universe. Seriously, like everything that she goes through and even after all that, fighting her trauma and at the same time stopping this murder psycho Deathgun, you need to be really strong willed to do such.

18. Oshino Shinobu

Anime: Monogatari Series


Oh Shinobu where do I start, wait nowhere, you just like Shinobu for how she is, thats how it works. She is unique doesnt resemble any other character i’ve seen before, had her good share of messy past; and she does play some massive roles in the core part of the story. Number 18 is the best spot I could find for her.

17. Victorique De Blois

Anime: Gosick


This semi french-british lady is the Sherlock Holmes of the anime universe, and when I say this I mean this. Her ability to decipher mysteries is so unique and so impressive, without doubt she earns a solid place in my favorite female anime character list.

16. Aihara Enju

Anime: Black Bullet


Black bullet is nothing without her, she is strong, charming, adorable, and in certain situation makes you deeply care about her. Her development was okayish. To be honest when I said there will be characters in this list not just because of their contribution to the story, but because of my own likings, I mean characters like Enju. I really liked Enju and that is one of the biggest reason she is here.

15. Aoyama Nanami

Anime: Pet girls of Sakurasaou


The thing about Nanami that intrigued me most was her strong struggle to fight even if she doesn’t have the talent for what she wants to earn. She never stopped fighting and that’s why I cared so deeply about her. She is the best girl from Sakurasao and I really shipped her romance arc, it felt bad when it didn’t sail.

Oh and did I mention, she has the best ponytail in the anime universe? Yeah

14. Kuroneko

Anime: OreImo Season 1 and Season 2


When in the earth good grils win the ship, not often, neither did she, specially considering how pathetically she was betrayed in Oreimo Season 2. That said, that doesn’t mean she didn’t win my heart. Kuroneko was a god tier female character and I really liked her.

13. Re-L Meyer

Anime: Ergo Proxy


Re-L is unique, even though she had many copies of her and she herself was a clone of Monad Proxy, she had her own personality and she made her own decisions, something her mother clone would never do. And she fought for human race entirely putting aside her feelings, and that’s what impressed me. Plus, crucial contribution to the story earns her number 13 spot.

12. Akemi Homoura

Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica


Homouras fate was tied by definitive destiny and thats what hurts me most. But, that is not the only reason for which I like her, her personality is something that felt fresh and all the things that she did for Madoka and still having the the kuudere attitude made me like her more, she legitimately earns the spot.

11. Yukino Yukinoshita

Anime: Oregairu


Her attitude on top of how pretty she looks, kept me going with Oregairu. Yukino has a great personality and I liked her a lot.

10. Holo The Wise Wolf

Anime: Spice and Wolf


Not many tsunderes makes it to my favourite, most are complete annoying, but, some, are exceptionally good even with that attitude. Holo is one of the examples, she is just great in all aspects and she was sugar to the eyes trust me.

9. Mikasa Ackerman

Anime: Attack on Titan


Here;s what they should have done, kick out Eren from the show and made Mikasa the main protagonist, one of the main reason I dont watch shonen is because of how annoying the main lead male characters are, and Eren is no different, rather if I may add, he was more annoying than most, Mikasa on the other hand, was complete opposite, she was calm, yet strong willed, and one of the reason i didnt drop attack on titan, and made me going with the show. Excellent character right here.

8. Makise Kurisu

Anime: Steins; Gate


I didnt like her that much in Steins; Gate, as main lead female protagonist she did okay. But oh my god in the aftermath movie, her contribution to save Okarin was astonishingly good and since than she has turned into one of my favorite characters of all time.

7. Rika Furude

Anime: Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni


This girl has suffered so much, it was painful to watch, regardless, she did fight back as the only one that could changer her fate was herself and her strong bonds with her friends. The development was on point and this is what makes Rika Furude one of my favorite.

6. Saber

Anime: Fate Series


Loyal, Obedient, Strong, Brave……

Saber wins the heart most way possible. This list cannot possibly exist without Saber.

5. Kuriyama Mirai

Anime: Beyond the Boundary 



This girl straight up won my heart, she did so much, so contributed so much for the main lead its just unbelievable. She sacrificed so much, its was too much for me to handle. Kuriyama Mirai is one of the best girls of anime world, my word.

4. Hitagi Senjougahara

Anime: Monogatari Series


Cold, Stubborn, Tsundere on top; yet, she is the best girlfriend one can ever have. Araragi Koyomi has to be the luckiest guy in the entire fictional universe, having some one like her as girlfriend. She is willing to sacrifice herself for Koyomi’s survival and that is what earns her this high spot in the list.

3. Kaga Rin

Anime: Usagi Drop


Hei lets talk about the anime okay? Not the manga, dont even go there.

She was fantastic in the anime and one of the greatest kid in the entire anime universe. Despite her being a kid, she was mature enough to understand the surrounding around her, and her bond with Daikichi was astonishingly good. She is this high on this list because, her performance in the anime earns it.

2. Rem

Anime: Re: Life in a different word from Zero


First portrayed as villain, but over the course of time turning into most selfless girl in the history of anime, Rem earns the number 2 slot. Could have earned the first place, but she refused Subaru’s proposal to run away with him before Subaru dumping him, thats what made me sad. Shipped her romance, sadly it didnt sail.

Nevertheless, Rem is the best girl from Re: Zero and she legitimately earns the second place.

Before I move on to the the best girl of all time (for me), here are some honorable mentions.



and the first position goes to

1. Kaouri Miyazono

Anime: Your Lie in April


This girl is gods blessing. All the things she did, all the things she tried to do despite knowing her fate was sealed; her story was a priceless one. Her contribution to the story made Your Lie in April a beautiful piece of work. Kaouri Miyazono, without doubt, earns the first position in my list and she is the best girl in my opinion.

Thank you all for your patience.





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