A Review of “Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma”

I never thought I would write a review on any book specially when my blog doesnt state it specifically. Nevertheless, I am doing one; because I seriously need to express some thoughts and kind of like need to share how devastated I feel after reading this book.

Welcome to Sulfur Reviews folks, todays fiction on hand; 2010’s romantic fiction “Forbidden” by Tabitha Suzuma.



This is the first work of Tabitha I have read and I gotta admit, she is talented. I have read a number of books in my past and considering she only wrote 6 books by now, I am surprised of the writing quality. Its really good. Tabitha grew up in london and she was the eldest of 5 siblings, so, when I was reading her work, it grew in me, she knew what she was doing. This isn’t something that you imagine up, the things she wrote came from experience, and I really liked that aspect. That said, lets get on to the settings of this book.


The story take place in modern day Britain, probably in a rural area. The story is told from the  first person perspective of these two siblings, Lochan and Maya. Lochan is the eldest of 5 siblings, his younger siblings are Maya, Kit, Tiffin and Willa consecutively. Their father left when Willa was just born and their mother couldnt single handed conduct the family. She slowly drifted to alcoholism and fantasy of getting a new life with this other guy Dave. Meanwhile, the entire responsibility of maintaining the family came to the elder brother Lochan. Being second eldest sibling, Maya was the most sensible one and helped her brother maintain the family with her best. But for a teenage kid of 18 years, Lochan had too much on his plate. He single handed couldnt take care of his siblings, let alone maintain a stable school life. Not to mention, he had social anxiety, a common phenomenon among modern teens. His hard work to maintain his family always was on the verge of falling apart, but it didnt, only because his sister Maya was there to help him in his tough times. The two siblings tried their best to raise their other 3 kid siblings, and this couple like act slowly started to take its toll. Soon they realised that, they have grown much closer than just siblings, friends, something much more. And that is where our story begins, with Lochan and Maya, slowly falling for each other over the course of time.



For a book with a title like this, I didnt expect the quality to be that good. The thing I have to get off my chest is, the book initially is as realistic as it can get. For a fiction, that’s really a lot. The characters are what makes this book unique. This book portrays characters with such distinct taste and identities, none of the characters felt generic, copy pasted. Everyone felt alive and was their actions made sense. You can relate each of the characters, we have seen them almost everywhere, the drunk mother that started less caring about the family because her husband left, the eldest brother trying his hardest to maintain the family, the second helping him; the younger siblings of the family that demands more of them yet they cannot provide them what they need because of financial crisis. We have all seen them, yet, it feels charming and new. More importantly, original. Tabitha is a fantastic writer and this book is something that portrays that aspect of the life.


But no matter how much she is capable of as a writer, the topic that she dealt with in this book is quite taboo and controversial. When I said, “A book like this”; I meant something else, because, when you see at the genre, at first glance, you will know what’s wrong with the book. Tabitha Suzuma goes beyond the boundaries with this book and gave an insight to the reality that I wasn’t aware of!

When I said the relation between Lochan and Maya grows closer, something more than sibling relationship & friendship, I mean the romantic aspect. Without spoiling, it’s obvious by the name of the book that they eventually falls in love with each other. As much as this sounds wrong and destroys the image of the book, the book does claim the legitimacy of this affair. And oh boy, it does this so well!


The story is written in such a way that you will recognize their behavior, it is designed as such; everything feels normal; at place even though you know that this isn’t okay. Specially for the characters, they know what they are feeling towards each other is wrong, forbidden; yet, the reality that they are facing is as cruel as it can get. It questioned the characters regarding what is right and what it wrong. It does not stop there, it questions the readers, that, where do you draw the line, the line between the person you love?
I’ve had my shares of romantic novel, but this one is so exceptionally good! Even though it swims through the ocean to taboo, it manages to reach the other side and convince me that, life can still surprise you, as you know so little about it.
The ending of this book is something so emotional and heartbreaking, that you have to read it to know it and feel it. And it enhances the term right and wrong, the way you’ve never seen before.


The term right and wrong are probable and are decided by the society. Society is not God, society has no right to make decisions for you. Yes, it has the right to prevent events that will cause harm to another; but it does not have the right to decide for something that is not causing others any harm. That is not just it,
This book deals with a lot deeper question like
1. What is right way of living and what’s not? Who decides them?
2. Would you want to live the “right” life decided by people? Or live the “right” life decided by you yourself?
3. And lastly, is it too much to ask if a person wants to live the rest of their life with the person they loves most?
If you are consider that your judgement is the ‘true judgement’ and nothing else matters, and if you believe love has no boundaries regarding who you fall in love with, then you will pretty much enjoy this 334 page beautiful novel.

Final Verdict


I am giving Forbidden a


With the honor of being a ‘must buy’ book. This is a solid romantic book guaranteed to warm you up even if you are against romantic fictions like this. Its romantic, it’s tragic, its heartbreaking, but at the end of the day, it’s a pure piece of romance that is not tied by any boundaries.

Thank you for all your patience

Alternate Recommendation

If you liked the romance aspect of the anime than definitely go for “Hurt” by the same writer Tabitha, and if you liked the controversial aspect of the anime, I would suggest an anime which deals with a similar theme but has a happy ending, that would be ‘Yosuga No Sora.’

With this I conclude my review. Thank you all for your patience.


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