Blizzard did it! Blizzard finally did it! They actually made a online game that is literally fun to play and doesn’t make you break your keyboard out of rage as most online games tends to do. Overwatch is a solid masterpiece that is the ideological successor of Team Fortress 2 that rewards teamwork, good precision and good reflexes with its intense fast paced game mechanics.



Overwatch is an online multiplayer hero shooter that enlightens the concept of a shooter in a very different way. No more you are stuck with a medic class that runs around with a heavy machine gun, rather, it completely overhauls the weapons according to each roles. It is a team depended objective based game, to win which you have to complete certain objectives like, capture a point, escort a high value vehicle/cargo, capture and hold the point till the end of the game and all at the same time fighting the enemy team who are trying to do the same thing.


There are 21 heroes in the game at present that are highly specialized for certain roles and certain objectives. It doesn’t have a team death match system hence the game doesn’t have any kill counts rather, it shows every one the sigh ‘Enemy Eliminated’ no matter who deals the last shot, if you do just a single bullet assist on killing, the game will pop up the same title as it did to the person who dealt the last shot. As a result of which the concept of ‘Kill Steal’ doesn’t exist in this game and even that single bullet assist feels satisfying a lot. Even when playing healers like Mercy, even though you didn’t auto attack the enemy even once as your primary weapon is a healing staff, if the person you are healing earns the kill, your screen will show the same thing, and that is satisfying as hell! Even playing supports was this much fun, you wouldn’t know it unless you play Overwatch.



Overwatch has 21 distinct characters that are heavily focused on the objectives. None of them are typical call of duty shooters, rather something that is essential to complete the objective or to counter certain enemy heroes. The best part of Overwatch is, it imports the concept from MOBA’s. Just like all other MOBA, every character has 1 passive, 3 abilities that can be reused after cooldown of certain seconds, and 1 ultimate ability that has the longest cooldown that can have game changing effect on the match.


For example, One Hanzo Ultimate that sends a large floating dragon on enemies who stands close proximity to each other can wipe out the entire enemy team, or one Mercy Ult can revive your entire team at the last moment of the match. These ultimate’s creates such intense situations in the game that it becomes enjoyable to the max.



Overwatch has 12 beautiful looking maps, even though it doesn’t use virtual graphics, the colorful aesthetics increases the immersion to another level. Each maps are different from each other and are situated on different locations of the world. Some maps has wide open areas perfect for Widowmaker to snipe heads, and some locations are perfect for Reinhardt to block all the projectiles.


Some map even has wide open circular disk shapes areas for Winston to thrive and Reaper to thrive. These unique map designs specified to certain heroes can have game changing effects on the match. The maps of Overwatch at the end of the day are fantastically designed in my opinion.

Graphics and Sound


Overwatch has animated movie style graphics that looks really good but at the same time doesn’t cost you fps as it doesn’t have higher PC requirement. With Gtx 780 on everything ultra I get 110-119 fps that is more than enough for this fast paced first person shooter. In low end PC’s, I am sure it will run win min 30 fps on everything in mid settings. Overwatch doesn’t use graphics resource that much and for some reason it was never an issue. The game looks beautiful with its colorful settings and flashy animations of the characters.


The sound effects are also on point I would say, for a futuristic sci fi shooter, Overwatch is good with its sound effects. Each characters has unique weapons and unique weapons uses unique sounds, and the abilities also has unique effects. Same resources are not used twice anywhere. Overwatch’s background music is aesthetic enough to immerse itself on the background of the game, for which, it’s really not that noticeable, and that, is a good thing.



For a game that is entirely dedicated on multiplayer, Overwatch does have some issues. For starters, the game starts with a 40$ buy barrier, yes, the game costs 40$ on pc’s. It doesn’t have any single player campaign, 40$ when looked from the surface doesn’t feel like it earns it. But when you finally play the game and spend hours on it, trust me you will know you have more than enough content. Plus, at the cost of 40$ you get all the heroes and all the maps for free unlike League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm, or unlike any generic cheap shooters on the steam market. Considering all this, I would say 40$ is an okay price mark for the game, but, what the game truly stands for, maybe has to be 30$-35$. Come on blizzards, reduce the price.


And what the hell is the obnoxious 60$ price tag on consoles! It costs 60$ on PS4 and Xbox One! Why! Blizzard explain! Do not buy this game on consoles, it might be worth 40$ on pc, but it is not worth 60$ on consoles trust me.


The game also features microtransactions in game. Surprising considering you already bought the game for 40 bucks. The microtransactions comes in the forms of Cosmetics only. You can only buy skins for your favorite character, recolor your favorite character, or buy sprays and voice lines. Although the only thing that is worth money are the skins I would say. One good thing that is to be noted about this game is the loot box.


Unlike Hextech Crafting of League of Legends where you have to do this and do that and earn that and combine these to……… Overwatch directly provides you loot boxes when you level up. Yes! Just leveling up earns you a loot box. And the plus point of Overwatch is that, you can level up indefinitely. There is no level cap for this game. The more you level up, the more loot boxes you gain.


Although I have to admit, the loots that pop up after opening the box are complete RNG aka randomly generated and you have no control over the loot. It does gives skins though trust me, I have opened 14 boxes and was getting tired of sprays and voiceovers and just recolor skins, but the 15th box did give me a legendary skin which cost 1000 in game currencies, which is cool I would say. In the early levels, you do get loot boxes pretty quick, so that should be enough to immerse yourself in the game. Not to mention opening boxes are exciting as hell.

Final Verdict


Overwatch is the online game that I had most fun playing till now, even if it stands behind a 40$ barrier, the fun it provides is totally worth. But do not fool yourself as it doesn’t matter if it provides good time or not, it is not worth 60$ at all. Plus, to some, 40$ might actually mean a lot. Considering all these, the fun factors, the creative maps, graphics, heroes, game modes and considering the fact that even after 40$ it supports microtransactions, Overwatch earns itself a solid



With a recommendation to buy in on PC and PC only. It is a fantastic game that provides tons of entertainment on winning matches and doesn’t actually make you feel bad for loosing matches; as by the time you feel remorse, you’re already in another new match concentrating on new objectives. If you are looking for a fast paced online objective based multiplayer shooter that is tons of fun, Overwatch is the game for you. Go and buy this game as it totally earns it. With this I conclude my review for today. Thanks a lot for staying and will see you guys on my next review. Stay awesome.



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  1. I like the character designs, but alas I suck at shooters. Hearthstone shall remain my Blizzard multiplayer game of choice for now.

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    1. Psulphur says:

      Dont worry it doesnt punish those who cant aim very well, there are characters who doesnt even use a gun, and there are characters who uses grenade launchers as primary weapon, you cant really aim with greanade launcher can you? And there are characters whose primary damage comes from abilities, as I said, it is a team based game, you only need 2 maximum damage dealers who needs to shoot, the rest either provides slows, tanks damage, builds turrets to defend objective, trust me its nothing like call of duty where it punishes players who cant aim properly.

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