Before I start all the explanation, If you never heard anything about Salad Fingers, this article wont make any sense, so I recommend you watch the series, it is a 10 episode long YouTube mini series created by Devid Firth, so check out his channel, or you can watch it all here, I will leave all the 10 episodes link below. It is a cryptic psychological horror mini series and yes I recommend watching this if any of you like psychology along with horror and gore.

Explanation of the entire story: (Spoilers)


Salad fingers is a series that tells a story of a family during the great war. The year is 1918 and the story takes place in an alternate universe where nuclear research has been widely developed. This character right here might seem like the protagonist, but let me tell you there is more than meets the eye.


This green colored vegetable looking creature is not a character rather, a story teller who tells the story from the perspective of the unnamed protagonist of the story. He was called Mr Finger by one of the side characters, and the title of the show is Salad Fingers, so we will call him Salad Fingers for now. Salad Fingers primarily represents our Unnamed Protagonist, but at the same time at certain instances, he represents other characters that we will discuss soon. So lets get on going with the story.

Before the the great war

Salad Fingers story might seem complex cryptic at first sight, and trust me you wont even know what the story was at first complete go-through, but, I re-watched the series over and over again, and I browsed forums, and the final story that I have found isn’t that hard to be honest.


This is s a story of 6 peoples. A father and mother, and their 3 children and friend of the oldest child (the unnamed protagonist). The eldest brother aka Protagonist doesn’t have a name (for now), the younger sisters name was Margory Stewart Baxter and the youngest brothers name was Kenneth. The Protagonists best friends name was Jeremy Fisher. It was the time of the world war 1 and govt started recruiting soldiers from the war. As per decree if a family had more than one sons, they had to let one son participate in the war. So the father let his youngest child Kenneth participate the war. Our main protagonist felt worried for his younger brother, so he asked his best friend Jeremy Fisher to go with his brother, participate in the war and take care of him. Jeremy readily agreed and went with Kenneth and participated the war. Meanwhile back at home, the mother fell ill and died of lung failure.

Salad Finger representing mothers death in hospital bed.

2016-05-19 (56)

After their mothers death, the remaining members of the house were the father, the Protagonist and his younger sister Margory. The siblings meanwhile falls in love with each other and have an affair, and this causes Margory to get pregnant. Afraid of the future outcome, they hide the news till the return of Protagonists friend Jeremy Fisher from the war. When Jeremy comes back, the Protagonist blames Jeremy for the pregnancy and complains to his father.

Salad Fingers representing Protagonists father interrogating Jeremy Fisher for the complains he heard.

2016-05-19 (23)

Salad Fingers representing Jeremy Fisher saying the accusation is not true.

2016-05-19 (46)

Salad Fingers representing Protagonists father saying he will not have this child, he is gonna go for abortion.

2016-05-19 (57)

The Protagonists father interrogates Jeremy Fisher and asks if the complains were true. He even almost beats him with a cast iron. Jeremy says, this was a wrong accusation, this was not true.

The father decides to hide all the facts and says, he is gonna get rid of all this by having Margory an abortion. Hearing this Protagonist gets paranoid as at the end of the day it was his child and he couldn’t let this happen to it. So the siblings ran away from the home and starts a new life with new identities.

2016-05-19 (3)The protagonist takes the name Hubert Cumberdale, in short Hubert. C (which can be rearranged for butcher). They siblings gets married and Margory gives birth to a daughter named Yvonne.

Salad Fingers representing Margory crying out when Protagonist calls him beautiful on their wedding day.

2016-05-19 (49)

Salad Finger representing Margory holding her baby for first time and naming her Yvonne.

2016-05-19 (54)

Hubert Cumberdale works as a meat butcher while Margory sings in the stages for earning money and leading their lives. Hubert continues this trend until reunites with his younger brother Kenneth.

Salad Fingers representing Hubert as a butcher.

2016-05-19 (8)

Salad Fingers representing Margory as singer.

2016-05-19 (52)

They live their lives and Yvonne grows up. And then, their brother Kenneth returns from the great war to warn about the upcoming apocalyptic event that can possibly erase all humanity (aka Nuclear War).

Salad Fingers representing Hubert being happy seeing his little brother.

2016-05-19 (50)

The warning makes Hubert take his daughter Yvonne as far as possible to his Aunty Bainbridge; away from the war, he assumes his aunt will raise his daughter as a good farmer.

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The war eventually breaks out and this results in death of Margory, Kenneth, Jeremy and either his father or his daughter (unclear who the 4th person was).

After the Great War

Hubert a sole survivor of Nuclear War is mutated and probably has taken the green pigment that he has now. He now lives in a post apocalyptic deserted world filled with mutants who cant talk and Hubert is driven insane due the death of his family members. He now talks to himself, roams randomly, talks to corpses even, collects hair of his beloved family members and puts them together as reminder of his past.

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The last episode of Salad Fingers shows Hubert reaching for a pole that leads straight to the sky, representing him reaching for death. The mutant doctor scene represents, a last hope of him trying to save himself, but he fails.

The pole that represents his final destination.

2016-05-19 (2)

Salad Fingers representing Hubert Cumberdale as he finally dies all alone in the post apocalyptic woods.

2016-05-19 (1)

He then falls asleep which represents his death. He wakes up to find a skeleton in his house, which actually refers to his spirit seeing his skeleton in his own house, and as he walks out of the room, he is greeted by his passed family members who gives him a gift, a birthday gift. Which was a sarcasm as the torn hat aka the gift represents not his birthday rather, the day he dies.

Thanks for all your patience.








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  1. Oh my gosh! I strangely love salad fingers but I’ve looked as into it as this!!!

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  2. Zinnias says:

    Hey! This is so interesting. I literally had no idea it was this deep. I honestly couldn’t watch another episode after the rusty spoons (first one I tnink) . That is likely why I assumed it was created to be more of a creepy bizarre set of videos that were just for freaking out , grossing out , and or intriguing people just for the randomness of it . I just wasn’t able to get passed the first episode lol!

    Anyway, thank you !!

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    1. Psulphur says:

      You’re welcome ^_^


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