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One of the charm of Dark Souls is how brutal the game is in terms of difficulty. The last 2 games were a solid example of of brutality, and the third one is nothing different. Maybe the recurrence is suppose to be annoying, but it isn’t, rather, it is what makes Dark Souls – Dark Souls, a tough game where every death is a lesson for achieving success.


Dark Souls 3 picks up where Dark Souls 2 leaves its mark. Hundreds of years after, even though the main protagonist of Dark Souls 2 sacrificed his life for the return of the fire in Dark Souls 2, the fire is about to extinguish in Dark Souls 3 and it is up to the Protagonist of Dark Souls 3 to relight the kindled fire and banish all the corrupted souls.

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Dark Souls is a hack and slash timing exclusive game that heavily relies on combat stamina, timing and positioning for winning. The player needs to have tremendous patience to retry a single segment multiple times to win. There are 9 classes ranging from balanced knights to bursty assassins to control mages for you to pick up. Doesn’t matter which class you pick, it is possible to one shot enemies, the realistic part of Dark Souls is that, the enemies can one shot the players too. With just one move they can stun the player long enough to drop their health to zero. And when this eventually happens, players are left with a feeling of rage and betrayal. I almost dropped the frost boss down to 1 auto attack, but then, he somehow crowd controls me and I had nothing to do other than watch myself die. And then, I go back to retry, once again. And when players like me finally beats that boss to death, it feels rewarding as if we really have earned something with hard work. And that is what makes Dark Souls, a masterpiece.


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Dark Souls 3 has amazing graphics and credits should be given where it deserves. The game is very well optimized and I could run the game with 60 butter smooth frames per second on PC. I have heard the game doesn’t have any issues with PS4. But, in Xbox One when I tried to play sometimes with my Microsoft account, the Xbox One version stuttered a bit at times and fps drops were noticeable at times even dropping down below 28. But, on PC, it ran butter smooth and there is nothing I can complain about the graphics as I played it with max settings without any issues.

Sound Design

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Dark Souls 3 has many dark tracks, like almost of all of them are gothic. Most often the tracks represents the fallen empire of King Rothlic with their saddened tones at times of regular roaming. But when the combat finally arrives, it changes to become more of a dramatic action based combat music and all of these increases the immersion quickly. Besides, when after a terrifying boss fight, when you finally beat the boss, and when the combat music stops saying, its over, its finally over, you will get the feeling of success and the joy of resembling ‘Yes! I did it!’. Moments like these makes Dark Souls fun and, at the end of the day, that is why people buy this game.

Final Verdict

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Dark Souls is a beautiful looking difficult game that requires tremendous patience, muscle memory and good reflexes to win. And when you finally reach a Bonfire after completing a certain area with a sliver of health points, you will feel, how fun the game is. If you are new to dark souls franchise, fear not to pick it up as it might surprise you with the rewarding feel that if offers. Warning though, you will die a lot, like A LOT, so if you are thinking of an rpg where you can grind to max level and one shot the enemy, this game is not for you. But, if you are a fan of skills and you don’t mind how strong the enemy is, definitely get this game. And finally, if you are already a fan of this franchise and you’ve liked the previous two games, go get this game, now! It will satisfy you to the core that I can promise.

So, with a dark atmosphere, extremely tough but rewarding enemies, cryptic story, gorgeous graphics and sound tracks, Dark Souls III earns a solid


With a recommendation to buy it on PC and play it with a PS4 or Xbox One controller. It is a fantastic game that you must get if you are a fan of strategic hack and slash genre. Dark Souls III is available on steam so go get it from there, or, if you own a console, get it, it will not provide you the max settings but it doesn’t matter as it looks beautiful on the consoles too.

For Alternate Recommendation, I point you towards “Bloodborne” which is a Playstation 4 exclusive, but has the similar gameplay mechanics. And if you are into classics, another alternate recommendation will be “Prince of Persia Warrior Within”. I don’t know why but whenever I played Dark Souls 3, it reminded me of that game with the world that it represents. Or, you can always try out the previous two titles of Dark Souls. With these recommendations, i finally conclude my review. Thank you all for your patience and see you guys on my next review. Peace.




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