Tom Clancy’s The Division Review



The last three games that were primarily focused on being a 60$ paid multiplayer title were a big disappointment, you know what, forget that, all the 60$ paid multiplayer titles till now were a disappointment. I don’t know where to start! Starting from Titanfall, Evolve, Star Wars Battlefront, Rainbow Six  to goddamn ass puking Destiny! you name it. Which one did make it to your favorites, did any?

I know it didn’t, I know some of you would be forced to say it did because you guys paid 60$ for the game, but honest guys like Joe Vargas or Jeremy Jahns or Videogamedunkey will tell you the truth behind these type of games. They are fucking obnoxious games created by the money grabbing industry that only knows how to grab maximum money with little or no content (*cough* fucking Star Wars Battlefront.)

So when a game that fits into this genre pops up in E3 reveal, no, I don’t get hyped anymore. I wasn’t hyped seeing The Division trailer or gameplay, but I did get the chance to participate in the open beta of this game. And after buying and playing the final version of the game, here is my final review.

The World of The Division


Post apocalyptic New York because of viral outbreak without zombies (thank god a change in the meta!). People are dying, the govt went insane, a group of good guys pops up that calls themselves the division that helps the people that are still alive and are now suffering. You play as one of the member of Division that will take on quests either solo or being matched with other guys to upgrade your base and help the local populace.



Third person cover based tactical shooter. Number based combat so no, headshot will not kill the enemies, but headshots guarantees crit which is good but still doesn’t feel realistic either. You throw a clip on someones head and they still walks fine and goes to cover, how realistic does it seem? The loot system is good, gives you insta modification for your armor, weapons. The mod system is easy and simple and which doesn’t require a PHD to learn. There are variants of enemies and starting from easy normal to hard, harder enemies usually means shit tons of health and armor which requires you to empty your entire machine gun clip on one single person. Coop is fine gives you xp on all kills no matter who shoots the enemy last and deals killing blows. The ability systems are great, the game equips you with either 2 abilities at a time from many and they feel great.


There are two zones, PVE and PVP; PVE is generic, but the PVP has some originality. It puts you on a deserted zone called Dark sector where you can get the best loots but at the risk of being assassinated by rogue groups. Or you can turn into a rogue by killing other non hostile players that are not rogue in title. Overall, the concept is good, but it gets repetitive (on the beta) after one or two hours. Still, it is worth exploring the dark zones because of all the rare loot that is dropped in there. The best part of Dark Zone might be the extraction system which calls a chopper for delivering the loots to safety, but you need to hold on to yourself for one and half a minute before doing that. Rogue agents has the opportunity to gun you down and loot your loots in those one and half minute and the pressure that is created within that moment is original and feels good.



For a 2016 game, its generic. I mean I have seen better, and I have seen worse, but it was okay. It doesnt look anywhere near to E3 demo, but, who the hell believes in E3, they are all bunch of liars (*cough* witcher 3)

Overall, the graphics should have been a bit better, but what they provided at this instance, doesnt look bad.



Final Verdict


The Division felt like the developers are trying their hard to deliver a game with little concept they have. I think they gave their best at this game but that was not enough as even after all this, the game at the end felt, empty and boring! This game promises paid DLC expansions so, it is not recommended to buy the game the game at this instance. So on the basis of above, my final verdict for Tom Clancy’s The Division is, a


Good gameplay, generic graphics and a beautiful post apocalyptic world might be of worth buying, but at the end of the day, it is a boring sponge shooter that wants you to empty your clip again and again and again. So the decision, is up to you.

Recommendation (Should you buy it?)







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