Dying Light Short Review


This middle eastern themed town called Harran, gets infected with Zombie virus, now it is quarantined by the government. Government wants to find a cure for this virus but the only person that has discovered a cure is locked inside Harran and once you get inside this zombie affected nightmare town, you bet your ass you cant get out.

So they sent a spy inside the town named Crane. His mission, retrieve the cure for the virus. He gets in inside the town, gets bitten and now he has to decide whether he should save himself or find the cure or help the local populace of Harran who has started to win his heart.



Dying Light has solid gameplay starting from the first person combat view to doing crazy parkour mechanics that you get from the beginning and also, unlock some as you level up throughout the game. The combat heavily asks you to use melee weapons but you can use firearms too if you want, but that makes sounds which attracts zombies. The main attraction of Dying Light, is when all the Lights goes off, in Night. When night falls, Zombies turns more violent and a action adventure game suddenly becomes a horror survival game. The variety of Zombies increases and some are invulnerable (mostly), so your only choice is to escape rather than fight them.

Good Luck and Good Night!

And there is the generic crafting, level up system, looting blah blah blah if you didn’t know.



Solid graphics, tons better than any other zombie games I have ever played. The graphics gets even better during the morning or the evening when the red shift of sunshine occurs. The game has a good engine, so unless you are running a potato, frame rate should not be an issue.


Great opening theme, downloaded the track instantly. The game gives middle eastern-indian music as background inside the game which might feel out of place at first but you will get used to it in no time. But, when shit hits the fans, all of these stops and the main theme of Dying Light kicks in, which if not anything, increases immersion within seconds.


Meh, its the gameplay that mattered to me. You can mute the entire game, not care about the story and still enjoy the game fine (dont do that.) The point is, the story wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t particularly unique or anything. It was full of cliche’s, generic ooohhh I am bad screaming villain, cookie cutter stereotype characters that I didn’t give a shit about for some reason. If I have to only rate the story I would have given a 5 out of 10.

Final Verdict



Dying Light is a solid zombie game with an beautiful open world that provides tons of freedom through parkout mechanics but ultimately fails to deliver a unique story, rather, delivers a generic cliche filled story that we already have seen tons of times.

But, at the end of the day, for the sake of absolutely beautiful graphics, gorgeous sound and amazing gameplay, you should definately buy this game.



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