Yosuga No Sora: In Solitude Where We Are Least Alone Review

Yosuga No Sora aka Connection of Sky is a romantic short anime containing 12 episodes which are divided into 4 arcs.
Yosuga No Sora is a very delicate anime that deals with some mature concepts which need brains to understand, I repeat, it requires brains. So all of you, who are seeking mindless echhi stuffs, please do not watch this anime, you will understand nothing and will hate it for the rest of your life,
those who thinks they can use their brains, this review is for them. Listen very carefully to what I have to say as slight misunderstanding can eventually scar you for life.
 This anime has same arc style of Amagami SS where the story splits up at certain part and continues in other direction. If you dont know what Arc style means, its means a certain character making a certain decision and ending the story with that decision, and the story restarting once again from that decision making and the character makes a new decision instead of previous one.
The story starts with the main protagonist Haruka getting back to his village with his sister Sora after their parents die of an accident, getting admitted to a new institution and follow a certain set of events. In each story arc, Haruka is shown to get attracted to a certain girl around him, and by solving their problems of their lives, he gets close to them, and eventually falls in love with them. Again, he doesn’t fall in love with all of them at once, it is not a typical harem, rather, I would call it parallel worlds, where in each world, he is destined to end up with a certain girl.
Yosuga no sora at first sight might seem like an simple romantic anime, but, it’s not that simple, it is for starters, is an echhi anime. It contains a lot of nudity and sex but, to a tolerable degree. It’s not hentai, like, if you guys have seen real hentai, you would know; but it is not, its tolerable.
It does go with some massive character development (I mean a lot!), it explains what situation the girls are in, it manages to explain their suffering from scratch and how the main protagonist Haruka in each story arc deals with their problems and manages to solve them. To my experience, no other anime has ever nailed this aspect so perfectly before. The romantic aspect of this anime is so on point that, i think i would have rated it a 10/10 if it was just a regular romantic anime, the things that held me back was, the excess ecchi stuffs and, the infamous controversial ending.
Yosuga no Sora has an ending that will make you so confuse, to the point that, you will be asking yourself, ‘am I suppose to be happy with the happily living ever after ending?’ or, ‘should I be disgusted by it?’. It will question your morality to the core trust me.
Whether the ending is moral or not, the show will put you in a controversial position to decide. To most of people, the ending might not be morally right;
But there is the thing,
Listen to me carefully
The term right and wrong are probable and are decided by the society. Society is not god, society has no right to make decisions for you. Yes, it has the right to prevent events that will cause harm to another eg. physical fight, but it does not have the right to decide for something that is not causing others any harm. That is not just it,
 This anime deals with a lot deeper question. Some basics are,
1. What is right way of living and what’s not? Who decides them?
2. Would you want to live the “right” life decided by people? Or live the “right” life decided by you yourself?
3. Is it too much to ask if a person wants to live the rest of their life with the person they loves most?
That’s the type of questions it asks. (Credits: Sam Sid) If you are consider that your judgement is the ‘true judgement’ and nothing else matters, and if you believe love has no boundaries regarding who you fall in love with, then you will pretty much enjoy this short 12 episode anime.
1. Arc style
2. Artwork
3. Extremely good Sound department (the intro is good, I really liked it).
4. In depth character background development and thus increasing immersion
5. Good voice acting.
Yosuga no Sora - 08 - Large 01
1. Adult content to a degree
2. Controversial theme.
Final Verdict:
Based on above all, and also because i could see what the directors wanted the viewers to see. Its romantic, its beautiful, its heart breaking, but not without issues. I’m cutting 2 points, 1 point for annoyingly excess nudity and fanservice/echhi of this anime and cutting 1 points for the ending controversy that most people will never understand, I’m not saying the ending is bad, no no no no, it’s not bad, it’s actually quiet romantic truth be told, but, is it wrong or romantic completely depends on the point of view of the viewers. As for me myself, after judging all the circumstances, I agree with the decision the characters made at the end of the anime.
So with all these in mind, I finally rate Yosuga no Sora with a
8/10 with a recommendation to stream it rather than buy it.
PS. Opening, one of my all time favourite song 🙂

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  1. Niloy says:

    Damn, you write good reviews bro!

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    1. Psulphur says:

      Thanks 🙂


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