Top 10 Underrated League of Legends Skins

The list is based fully on my personal opinion, feel free to leave a like and comment if any of this makes a spot on your favorite list.

Number 10: Vandal Twitch

I am choosing the skins not on the basis of how much effects they have, rather, they are not played as the players think this might not be worth the money on first look, in this regard though, even though Vandal Twitch doesn’t look better than Mafia Twitch in any way, nevertheless, it is a good skin, and it is imo, underrated.



Number 9: Spellthief Lux

This skin looks great, and although it doesn’t have any effects, if I were to choose any skins other than Star Guardian or Steel Legion, I would have chosen this one.



Number 8: Skt T1 Zyra

I feel like Zyra is underrated, riot is doing a rework on her and I hope it is a good one. I have seen Wildfire though once or twice, but havent seen Skt T1 Zyra.

Skt t1, is a good one, I love the glasses, I love the hairstyle and her headphones, to put it together, I really like this skin.



Number 7: Aviator Irelia

The hat! The hat takes it all 🙂



Number 6: Subterranean Nautilus

There is something about that metal armor that is intriguing!

Its a great skin, it doesnt have added effects but if I were to pick anything other than Astronautilus, this would be it.



Number 5: Gladiator Draven

Back in season 4, I have seen a few Gladiator Draven, but I dont know what happened but it still is one of the good skin of Draven that is worth buying.



Number 4: Exiled Morgana

She has the wings of a dead chicken, no, i mean it.

Love the red aura (she doesn’t really give any though, its just the design) that she gives around her in this skin.Morgana_ExiledSkin


Number 3: Bloodstone Lissandra

Everyone chooses Blade Queen Lissandra, people doesn’t realise, for a 355rp (garena)/ 975 rp skin (NA); it is a bad ass skin with great effects.



Number 2: Master arcane Ziggs.

Not that its underrated or anything, its actually the best skin of Ziggs with effects, its just that, I DONT SEE IT IN GAME 😦 Guys, buy this skin, its a bit costly, like around 490 rp in Garena, if you at least think Ziggs is playable in this meta and you want a skin for him, buy this one, it is worth your money.



Number 1: Frozen Terror Nocturne

I like the armor, I like the blue blade, and I absolutely love the blue sparkle effect on his Q. It in my opinion is the best skin i could come up with in this list. If you play Nocturne and if you are thinking of saving money and going for Eternum Nocturne, take some time, re think and consider this skin. For a 355/975 rp skin, it is worth every penny.




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