Life Is Strange Review

Quote of the day: Life, can still surprise you!


Life is strange is a story based episodic game that heavily focuses on telling you a story on the basis of choices you make rather than offering actual gameplay, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any meaningful gameplay, rather, i would say the little gameplay that it offers is unique on its own.

The story focuses on the main character Max Caulfield who returns to her childhood town Arcadia Bay for learning arts. She is in the first episode learns that she has the ability of going back in time. As the story progresses, when she is faced with a immediate dangerous situation, she has to make a certain choice among many. And if that turns out a mischoice she with her time rewinding power can go back to past and fix that mistaken choice. But, as the story progresses, she realizes, that, all this time rewinding that she has done is has its toll and suddenly, everyones life around her is in stake for the choices she made.


Life is strange offers is a third person exploring based game that lets players controls Max Caulfield to explore a certain area for a time until the objective for the story is completed. It can either be for eg, Max’s dormitory, or Arcadia bay beach etc. The players are given choices to explore that area taking as much as time as they want. The world of life is strange is filled with so much content, so much elements that can be discovered that it is barely possible to collect all the collectibles. Players can interact with various objects in the surroundings . But the main gameplay includes Max interacting with various main characters, making choices and, rewinding time to go back and choose something different if the former choice leads to an unfortunate situation. That doesn’t mean every action that is done can be redone rewinding time. There are limits but, sometimes, Max can be too exhausted to rewind time at all. Considering all this, it is possible to end the game with near perfect choices, but doing that can be very tough.


The game is done with a comic bookish art which can be really beautiful at times but looking closely at them might not be a good idea. The game is intentionally made in a comic book style and it is definitely better than its competitors like Game of thrones or, The walking dead.


The game at the end of day is, musical! I am not exaggerating here, it has some of the best soundtracks that is likable from the very first episode. All The background music synergies with the game perfectly. The slow acoustic vibe of the game merges with the Arcadia Bay exactly as it was meant to merge. Not to mentions, the songs, the game features multiple songs that are played either in the opening or at the ending of each episode, and, when I tell you they are good, you better trust me. When the songs starts, all the background noise are dimmed to nil and the song lets you feel the characters and their situations. Hats off to the music department of Life is Strange.

Pros: Good Story, Good Music

Cons: Sketchy Graphics, Exploration might not interest some.

Final Verdict

Life is strange is an 8 hour long game which has 5 episodes that lets you deal with not only space and time, but also, the regular life that we thought could be so easy to deal with but turns out, it is not. It deals with emotions, choices, and regrets, and it gives you chance to fix your mistakes. At the same time, it makes you realize, no matter what choice you make, there are limits and redoing the same thing over and over doesn’t always solve lifes problems. After all, Life at the end of the day is…..strange.


Alternate Recommendation: Walking Dead Video Game (2012), Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series (2014), Until Dawn PS4 exclusive (2015)



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