Bioshock Infinite Review.

Oh my god this Bioshock is beautiful! The world is awesome, sweet, sunny bright and, racist?!
Bioshock Infinite is a beautiful game to be honest. Hell, maybe is one of the best story game I have ever played. I started playing this game the day before yesterday and finished it yesterday. This long 14 hours changed my way how I look at the world right now.
I do have to mention something, this review is full of spoilers, but I suggest you read it before playing, coz its gonna make some sense of the bioshock world, which one would never understand while playing.
(You need to read this slowly to understand the game, otherwise you might get confused by the actions of the game.)
Booker Dewitt is the main character. He gambled, and lost. Was in a lot of debt. He went to a priest for baptism. This is where the turn event took. Let our universe be A and our parallel universe be B. [it would be so easy if you watched Fringe] In A, booker at the last moment didn’t take baptism. In B, he took it; he took a new name, Comstock. Comstock for some reason was potent and Booker owned a daughter Anna. Comstock built an empire floating in mid air by the means of quantum levitation. Booker drank and drank, and drank. Meanwhile Comstock was sterile and needed an heir for the vast empire he created. He didn’t have a child, but Booker had. So he hired one of his scientist named Lutece (male) and asked Booker to give his daughter and wipe away the debt. Booker, drunk, agreed. At the last moment, he realized what terrible thing he has done, he sold his own daughter  as debt, so, he ran, to grab her back. But it was too late, Comstock took away Anna, gave her a new name, Elizabeth. Meanwhile, two individual representative of each universe, the Luteces saw the horror Booker and Comstock created by crossing universes. They wanted to end this cycle. They took drunk Booker and wiped out his memory. They asked to Booker to find Elizabeth, as a part of Bookers so called job. That’s where the game begins, as Booker Is transported to universe B, to Comstocks world, in Columbia 1912..
The rest I won’t say, play it yourself. Read it and play, if not, you’ll feel like me: whaaaaaaaaaa da fffuc? Is the building floating? Am I dreaming? Who is this guy? Whose that? Is that a bird? Wow Handyman! What have I done soooooo bad that they are attacking me? What the HELL IS HAPPENING!
Bioshock Infinite BAD ASS game in midst of linear games. The gameplay is soo awesome, sooooo awesome it will eventually make you forget Call of Duty. Last time I had an emotional boner like this is when I finished Metro Last Light. It is a heavy first person shooter. You control Booker, he uses only 2 weapons at a time and most are of WWI era, because, it is 1912 after all. And, you not only control Booker, you also control AI Elizabeth. Elizabeth has space time tearing power, which is very much useful in the game. She creates barriers, covers, hooks to hang onto and brings auto turrets. This AI is so awesome that you don’t even have to worry about her as the never stands between gunfire. Rather, she is the one who randomly supplies with ammo, medicine and more important, blue salts, which is a bioshock signature.
Enemies AI are good too. They often flank you and trust me; you don’t like to get a hug from handyman! Enemies often come with large floating ships, which you can either choose to destroy or actually be there and finish all of them.
The game is linear but I felt very open here. The battlefields are usually very large so that you can either choose sniping them or killing them with deadly melee blow. The buildings are floating, and you can eventually change your position from one building to another. Yah, see that call of duty…?
While I was playing Bioshock Infinite, I hardly found anything to complain about, but there are some. I really don’t like boss fights, but I don’t know, maybe bioshock infinite needed some boss battles at the end of the day. Not to mention the GIANT BLOODY MACHINE BIRD named, “Songbird”, which I wanted to destroy, and I am sure you guys would really have wanted a final fight between Booker and Songbird, but no, the game doesnt really give you any chance.
Oh there was battle that was worth talking about, it’s when Booker has to defeat Elizabeths mothers spirit, in that battle the frame rates kept dropping and I found shooting some useless enemies instead of the spirit. And the last battle on the ship. I mean, WHO THE FUCK DECIDED THAT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO PUT THE OBJECTIVE CORE IN THE MIDST OF ENEMY HORDS?!! I failed and died 3 times there. I didn’t die a single time throughout the whole game but the last battle was a disaster. Bad game design, bad!
The story of bioshock infinite is holy confusing at the beginning and also throughout the whole game. But you get it all at the end, and trust me, when you get it, its Amazing. The post credit scene where you hear Anna crying on the crib, realizing they all lived happily ever after was one of the best ending I’ve seen in many years. :’)
At the end of the day, Here’s the score.
Gameplay: 8.5
Story: 10
Graphics: 8
Sound Effects: 8
Backgroud Music: 7.5
AI: 8
Game Length: 8 (+/-14 hours)
Side missions: 5
Ending: 10
Dialogues: 10
I never saw any strong characters like Elizabeth for a long time. She was awesome and adorable throughout the whole game. And you actually get attached to the story as the relation between Booker and Elizabeth gets warmer. I really liked Bookers voice acting. So that earned the game a solid 8.3/10!!! It’s a requested review. I suggest you buy the game, I don’t care how many bucks it is but it is one hell of a adventure you don’t wanna miss.

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